Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Random Mid Week Post

I love using sketches when I scrap. It helps me have a jumping off point when I'm feeling a creative log jam.

Sketches by Tamara Had a 5th Tuesday Surprise Challenge and I got to send in a layout for this! I've used Tam's sketches on more than one occasion! Check out her blog to see other great layouts and to see all her sketches!

More rambling - Finally broke down and called the chiropractor yesterday to have my back looked at. He told me I pulled the ligaments on the left side of my pelvis. He also took the opportunity to look down at my pointy high heel shoes and tell me that they aren't good for me. Well, since when was being fashionable - painless? LOL So today since I'm off work, I put on tennish shoes with my jeans and went to Target. I felt like making a sign saying I'm only wearing tennish shoes because my back hurts! I did get him to say that I could wear little heels - AFTER my back got better. Have some simple rules to follow for a few bending at the waist, no lifting over 10 pounds, no walking fast, showers and ice are the best treatments - not sitting on a heating pad like I've been doing!

Have a great rest of the week!


Lynette said...

I quit wearing heels twenty odd years ago. My feet hurt too bad. I guess comfort beats style for me. I want to do some of Tam's challenges. I just haven't taken the time to seriously look at one.

Jocelyn said...

Love the LO.....just beautiful....wonderful colors!!!

Now on to the heels.....we know how we have to have our heels and then it happens...the back and now I have tons of heels and I just cannot wear them that long and my back kicks Spring is coming and I will be wearing my Birkenstocks.... Best shoe in the world for a bad back!!

Take it sitting on the heating pad...hope it feels better soon!!!

Wishing you a wonderful and Blessed Easter!!!

Carla said...

AWESOME lay out based on the sketch girl. I seem to be getting more and more hooked on sketches myself, its always a good place to start to get the mojo going!

Sonia said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!
Love how you did this layout with the Bing Challenge on Tamara's Blog.
Thanks for the inspiration!


~Christina~ said...

Great layout...I love the mixed letters