Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring...Is It Finally Here?

A gorgeous, absolutely beautiful day here in Northern Virginia. The trees are blooming, flowers are coming out....the sun was shining, truly a spectacular spring day! And the weekend is supposed to be nice too!
Did a little stepping outside my creative box Tuesday and Wednesday....I got my inspiration from Jocelyn - (she inspires me a lot!) - and she has shared some work in her creative journal. So I did some web surfing on creative art journals. I've always scrapped photo's that stirred some emotion or thought...I never thought about scrapping the emotion or feeling.So I bought some water color pencils, some gesso, going to get a few new pens and I've begun working on my own creative art are a few examples....


Jocelyn said...

Oh you just made me day sweet friend...I am truly smiling all over myself!!!! did a SUPER JOB!!!!! I adore that you are stepping out of your box and playing with all the wonderful mediums....try gel medium and spray mists....they work wonderful!!!

Your handwriting is FABULOUS!!!! The journaling so heartfelt and moving!!!

Marit is having another class and it starts soon...I will check the date and see when it starts...maybe we could take it together!!!


Donna said...

thanks for the kind words girl! I really believe God lead you to me...I am blessed and uplifted everything I read your blog!

Where do they hold the art class? They don't have anything like that here.