Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1st - Already???/

Wow....we are so close to be half way done with this year...Time does fly!

I've been exercising regularly again - feels good. Even got new running shoes on Friday and boy what a difference. My body still protests loudly with achy joints after wards but I keep going. One thing that is frustrating is that cardiovascular wise - I could run the entire 3 miles, but my joints just won't allow it - I really do hurt - so I end up walking more than jogging.

Had a wonderfully relaxing weekend and it was needed. I love waking up to no alarm clock and just being able to lay in bed and enjoy a slow start to the day. I wake up at my normal alarm clock time of 5:30, but I don't have to hop out of bed and start doing anything. I love my bed, my sheets, my blanket. I also did not think about work...I don't think one time did the office even cross my mind.

On Memorial Day, I thought about my family members who have served this great country in the past and the current family members who are members of our military. Those families give a lot to this country and I feel we don't do enough for them. When I think of all the govt programs being instituted for those who don't want to work and earn what they are given and to think that we ask our brave men and women to leave their families and serve in war time with some paying the ultimate price - well it just infuriates me. I better stop or this will turn into a big political post and I try to stay away from that.

I'm really struggling with my weight. It's not coming off like I want it to - so the obvious cause is that I must still be eating too much. This week I will log everything I eat in the hopes that I will see where I am going off track. I have a good idea that I'm still doing too much grazing or mindless eating. And maybe I need to concede that as you get older it's a little more difficult to drop the unwanted pounds.

We went the Delaplane Strawberry Festival on Saturday - it was a beautiful day. My son and his sweet girlfriend Chelsea attended and my ex-husband with his family was also there. I'm thankful we have a good relationship and can enjoy outings together.

There was a big Turkey at the petting zoo. Those things are UGLY. But the Guinea was also a rather unattractive bird as well.

Have a great week all!

Oh and 416 days until I turn 50.


Jocelyn said...

Looks like you had a great weekend...and I too cannot do the running..but walking is good for keep it up!!

I feel the same way...the weight is just not coming off and I am sure it is what I am putting in this mouth of mine!!!! :-)

50 is a good thing!!!! I did that last year and was not sad a bit...I have been blessed!!!!

Wishing you a Fabulous Day sweet friend!!! Love You!!!!

Lynette said...

Fifty isn't bad at all. Running is a slow build up. For me it was both. I am still not to three miles. Keep it up.

Cathy said...

so which picture is your ex??? LOL
Just kidding. Your son is one handsome dude!! Does he like "older" women??