Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday is Here!

And as always it gets here oh so fast!

Before I forget - 424 days until I turn 50!

This weekend I did a 2 mile walk/run and my back and ab exercises given to me by the chiropractor. By Saturday night it was QUITE evident that I had been negligent in doing any type of abdominal exercise. That workout pain hit me hard, but it's a good pain - It is the pain of weakness leaving the body - so I was actually happy for it in an odd way. The rest of my body is still protesting the walking/running program, but since it has to go where I tell it, it is reluctantly participating.

Spent a delightful morning and afternoon with Joesette (AKA Peepers) in Front Royal,
VA chatting and walking, exploring a flea market and then down town Front Royals stores and restaurants. It was a fun time and long over due! Nothing quite like spending the day chatting with a best friend.

Saturday evening I went to a co-workers Tupperware party - so much fun! Thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Sunday was some work on my DT assignments for this month and now I need to post some items that I'm allowed to show - but that will be for the midweek post.

Had a simply amazing meal yesterday prepared by my hubby. He was watching Barefoot Contessa on Sunday morning and said we needed to fix this for dinner. It was so delicious that I know it will become a regular meal at our house!

I need to call the community college today - they have not responded to my inquiries - so I need to contact them to make sure I am ready for school this fall!

Have a wonderful week friends!!

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Lynette said...

Keep at it. I know about the pain. For a while there I didn't think I would ever quit hurting, but it is sort of good now. You have to keep pushing.