Wednesday, May 19, 2010

429 Days....

Do you know what I figured out today? It is exactly 429 Days.....until I'm 50 years old.

That is a milestone....50! That 1/2 of 100.

Do you know what I allowed myself to consider today...well...actually come to accept?

50 is not to old to reach goals, to stretch yourself, to push yourself, to grow and change.

I've been doing a lot of visualizations lately....actually picturing myself doing new things and starting back to old things that I used to love. New things like going to college - talk about least to me - Old things like actually taking my butt to the gym in my community tonight...and got on the elliptical. I'm visualizing myself doing a completely different that I want and hope to enjoy.

It's empowering. It's enlightening. It's exciting and I'm taking little, tiny baby steps...into the unknown. good friend, Schnauz, shared a couple of incredible websites with the cell. Thank you Schnauz.

One site is Christine Kane - Her common sense approach to the daily life struggles I seem to encounter - along with humor - really help me push through the doubting voices in my head.

The second site is Brave Girls Club - and the daily emails that Melody Ross and her sister KathyWilkins are so incredibly encouraging, uplifting, and seem to speak right to my heart - that I decided to sign up for the Brave Girls Camp they sponsor several times a year. It's held in Idaho and it's 5 days of discovering what brave is to me and incorporating something that is such a part of the me - scrapbooking and paper crafts. My friend, Tigger, also signed up and in July 2011 - we will both attend this camp together. Sign up for their daily won't be sorry.

While I still have many things I'm working on changing and improving and my goals seem to become more clear - while I go through this incredible journey that I have started - one thing I know and I see....

In 429 days...I am going to be 50 - Fit, Fabulous, and Foxy. Yeah....I know it sounds corny....but I like it.

Look out everyone....I'm on my way.


Lynette said...

I love seeing you be so inspired. You will do it all.

Carrielyn said...

Donna, you are just one of my favorite people. And this is just one of the many many reasons why!

La- said...

I LOVE IT! Good for you! you go girl! You can soooo do this! WHOOO HOO! Cannot wait to see what the next 429 days bring ro your life!