Sunday, July 25, 2010

50...Here I come....

Full Speed Ahead....50 is on the horizon! BRING IT ON!

I'm not afraid. I'm not sad. I'm excited.

Excited about what my future holds.

Excited about the life I am going to CREATE!

But first...a little about my fantastic birthday!

It was the best birthday I can remember having in years. I used to hate my birthday. HATE it....and that is a story for another time! My day was so wonderful...I just wanted to share it with you all.

First...I got up to flowers by the coffee pot from my sweet son! Coffee and flowers...what a great way to start the day! Then he gave me a Pandora bracelet that was gift from him and his totally awesome girlfriend, Chelsea. It had a butterfly charm and a coffee cup charm on it. I will treasure it always.

As is the tradition at our office....especially for those known to pull practical jokes on others....your cubicle gets trashed. Let's just say, they could win an award with what they did to my cubicle! And a coworker was hiding underneath all that shredding and jumped out out me...I screamed! It was totally awesome!

I got the Pioneer Woman Cookbook and a pkg of Depends from Tanya and Tanya. I wonder if the Depends are a peek into my future? LOL

My boss got me a bag of fun office goodies...a bell with bling (how appropriate!), some fun folders, wine, notes that say "Queen of the Salon"....I also got various gift cards from friends.

Peepers got me a birthday card that screamed...Brave Girls!

My hubby got me a Nook, which I'm already using lots.

We had dinner at a local restaurant - Pizza Margarita.

It was a perfect day, shared with good friends and family.

And here I all my 49 year old glory on the way to work.


aimee said...

you are gorgeous!

i *love* your positive attitude, donna...

i'm glad you had a wonderful birthday.

Lynette said...

Best Birthdays Ever are to be treasured.

Lugo Family said...

You are such a hot momma, love the picture and your birthday sounds like it was amazing :-)