Tuesday, August 24, 2010

August 24th...

EEK! My first night of class. I'm excited. I'm scared. Part of me just wants to come home and "forget" to go tonight. It's our busy season at work and I'm already feeling anxious about how to handle everything for the next 6 weeks. Class goes from 7 to 9:40 pm. For me, I'm generally asleep by 9:30 so being out that late, two nights in a row, is going to be a BIG adjustment for me. But I CAN do this. Keeping organized is key and realizing that there may be times when I can't get the dishes in the dish washer or clean a bathroom when I want it done. The world will not come to a screeching halt if that happens.

I spent last weekend with no plans and had a wonderful time. No plans for a "task" is not like me, but I actually enjoyed it. Not sure if I could ever get to the point where I do nothing on a weekend, but this was close.

Saturday morning I went to:
DSW - got two new pair of shoes for the fall
Pier 1 - Added to my dish collection - fell in LOVE with these dishes...aren't they beautiful and they match my kitchen wonderfully.
Kirklands - just kind of walked around and perused
Yankee Candle for some tealights in my favorite scent - Spice Pumpkin
Then I managed to get an appointment at a local spa for a Lavender Pedicure. OMG....pure heaven.

Walking around and seeing all the fall decorations makes me long for fall. I love this change of season coming up - the colors, the first crisp fall's a beautiful time of year and it makes me feel wonderful. I'm so done with this hot and nasty summer - go away summer - I'm done with you!

I have lots of things I want to share, but it's time to get ready for work.


Lynette said...

I know the first night went well. You are going to enjoy it most of the time. You know it won't be fun all the time. By the way, no one ever died from a little dirt.

Lugo Family said...

You Got this new schedule, I know you can handle it all :-)

Oh my gosh I am so ready for fall as well!