Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Blogging Fool Here.... least for's a good place for me to ramble.

I set my blog to be able to moderate all the comments...this gets rid of the annoying chinese posts. It gives me great pleasure to REJECT those posts. I have to wonder if they KNOW I reject them? That would make it all the sweeter.

I've gotten so excited about school starting on August 23rd - although my first day isn't until August 24th. When I first started considering this endeavor, I was NOT looking forward to the whole school thing. I was apprehensive, unsure, and concerned with being overwhelmed and to a point, I still am. I know there will be days I am stressed between the duties of work and school and days that the negative person inside of me, will undoubtedly chime in with self doubt and loathing for even thinking I could pull this off successfully, however, the anticipation of the journey and most of all, the finish, has me totally filled with excitement.

The last time I attended college:
- My son was not born yet
- Our TV did not have a remote control
- We had ONE TV in the house (we have 5 right now)
- BOTH of our phones had cords and the Trimline phone was considered "stylish" and small!
- My refrigerator was avocado green, my counter tops were white laminate with some flecks of something, and MTV was not even on the air
- We still played vinyl albums

Things have changed.
I have changed.
I am changing.

Can I DO this?

You bet I can!


Cheryl O said...

YES YOU CAN!!!!! So happy for you!! I love your list! I giggled!!

Joesette said...

You go girl! Avocado green...shudder.

Jocelyn said...

How exciting for you sweet friend...I loved your list and oh do I remember those days!!!!

I agree avocado green and do you remember the deep gold appliances...oh dear...

Thanks for the well wishes....I just adore you!!!

Have a great day! :-)

Judyn said...

So proud of you Donna. I promise it will be easier than you expect!