Saturday, August 7, 2010

Some days life has a way of putting things back into perspective and even humbling you.

This week I have had a couple of people tell me how proud they are of me for going to school and that I am inspiration to them. I could only dream of inspiring others - I'm just me...finding my way along in life, often it feels like it's dark and I don't know where the edge I tiptoe along...inch by inch.

But this week I read a story that really touched me and heard about the most heartbreaking story of Ryan and Chad Arnold.

The love and ultimate sacrifice that Ryan gave for his brother Chad is just beyond my pitiful attempts at coming up with the appropriate words. Please go read their story. I pray for peace for Ryan and Chad's families during this time of loss and ironically, joy at the new life given to Chad.

My blog friend Jocelyn has been struggling with health issues for some time...yet she always finds time to post some of the most encouraging entries on her blog. She inspires me. Her joy, even in times of testing, is always evident. If you ever want to read something uplifting or see some beautiful and artistic creations - check out Jocelyn's blog....

While I stumble around, working at creating a life I want - I was incredibly humbled by the story of Chad and Ryan and find encouragement from my friend Jocelyn.'s been a wonderful weekend and I have good stuff to share later this week.

Have a fabulous week all!

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