Monday, January 17, 2011


It's been an awesome weekend. I spent all day Saturday working on projects for my Soul Restoration class. I am closed down for restoration, rest and repair. It's long overdue. Some areas of my life just need a good dusting, others require the room to be gutted and redone. I deserve this time.

One thing that has really been made evident to me is that I confuse being busy with being with being fulfilled and I've placed more emphasis on doing rather than doing with excellence. My to-do lists never got done. I was crabby that my lists didn't get done. What I did get done wasn't done well. I know I have a tendency to judge my husband when he sits and watches tv when there are "things" that need to be done - how can he possibly sit there while I do all this work? And truly, it wasn't something that needed to be done, it was more from the fact I thought he should be productive.

This weekend I began work on a project that represents my Soul House and it's eye opening. I haven't allowed myself time to recharge my batteries for so long and I enjoyed not filling my weekend with a list of "stuff" that I felt should be done. I did what was needed. Mike did what was needed. And I even made sure I stopped creating before dinner and we sat and watched a couple of movies together - with laundry sitting in the dryer.....the world didn't end.

I was going topost pics of my project pages so far, but I tweaked them after I took I need to take new pics. I'll get them up next weekend.

Have a great week everyone!


Jocelyn said...

Love this post!!!!! Oh how true this is....I can so relate....I always have a list and never seem to get it completed on in the manner that I think it should be done!!

Thank you for sharing with us are an inspiration!!!

Can't wait to see the projects!!!

Wishing you a great one!!! :-)

Gypsichic said...

Donna.......Donna.........Donna......are we twins???????

Lynette said...

I am looking forward to your Soul House project.

Carrielyn said...

Love this post! This is where I am this week... Way to go!