Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Soul Restoration Begins

Today The Brave Girls Soul Restoration class begins! Over the weekend I began reading Ellen Miller's book that I mentioned below and found her amazing website! I don't for one second believe that my finding that book just before Soul Restoration class begins to be a coincidence. It was meant to happen that way. I have been reading Ellen's posts and doing her daily reading from her book and I have to tell you - it feels as if the woman has been receiving secret copies of my emails and those writings were directed to me and about me.

I am excited that Soul Restoration will allow me to creatively document the coming weeks - the combination of the the class and book I know is going to be exactly what the I have needed for so long to rebuild my spiritual and mental foundations.

I can already feel the difference - I feel lighter on the inside - almost as if there may be a little joy trying to break through the hard barrier I have allowed to be constructed inside of me.

And speaking of joy - I got to spend some time on Saturday with Joesette, Olivia and Lindsey - had a wonderful time! Here are Olivia and Lindsey with Mike - who they loved spending time with.

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Jocelyn said...

Enjoy your class....Love that pic...filled with JOY!!!!!

Love ya girlie!!!! Have a wonderful day!!! :-)