Sunday, January 9, 2011

Work in Progress....

A Work in Progress.

That’s what I am. That’s what we all are.

Works in Progress. I’m so glad that we have the opportunity to grow and change because being stagnant would be awful and boring.

My word for 2011 is Foundation. I picked that because I want to build a strong foundation in who I am – mentally, physically and spiritually. I can’t be a better me if my foundation is cracked and broken and weak.

For some time now I have felt restless, I’ve become hard and I’m tired. My spiritual foundation is dry – bone dry. On Friday I found myself wandering through Family Christian Bookstore looking for something to read that would be inspirational. I found a book called “The One Year Book of Inspirations for Girlfriends….Juggling Not-So-Perfect, Often-Crazy, but Gloriously REAL Lives”, by Ellen Miller (and she has a website – The book caught my eye, probably because it has a purse on the front of it!

So this morning I get my coffee and I sit down with this book and I read the following (I’m just including some excerpts), “do you have uncommon joy? Do you live in a state of contentment that defies all logic in this world gone mad?......To live with rich contentment, joy – which cannot be affected by outside forces – is required. Joy is a state of heart and is the only one of these three states – happiness, peace, and joy – that you and you alone can control. No one can mess with your joy unless you let them.” She then went on to ask…”Have you maybe misplaced your joy? It’s not gone – it’s just in a very good hidey-hole.” Well – my joy can’t hide forever – I know you are there and Search and Rescue has been called out.

I’m tired and hard and restless because I’ve lost my joy. I don’t know the exact date it went missing – no “joy alert” went out…it just happened little by little. I miss feeling joyful on the inside – it’s like a river that keeps our soul hydrated.

So I’m working on the spiritual part of my foundation – and it’s something I need to do regularly – not just when I’m “thirsty”. That’s why the Brave Girls Soul Restoration has come at the perfect time for me – I want to create something to document the search and rescue of my joy.

And you know what else? For the first time in longer than I care to remember I am not dreading Monday morning. I’m looking forward to a new day, a new work week, class starting back up and an opportunity to keep creating the life I want.

Have an awesome week everyone!!


Jocelyn said...

Wonderful post.....JOY!!!! What a great word and I wish for much JOY!!!!!

Keep up the positive...I promise it will make each day better...Look for the little things in your life!!! It doesn't always have to be big things!!! I bet that cup of coffee was full of JOY!!!!

Love ya girlie!!!

Joesette said...

WOOHOO!! all around!

Gypsichic said...

are you hiding in my closet??? I could've written your post word for word.

I'll look up ellen miller. I've been quenching my thirst with joyce meyer.