Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2, 2011

Day 2 of 2011.

It was a good day.

I got up and enjoyed my amazing coffee. There is just something about the first cup of the morning that makes me warm and smile. Then I actually got out the wii fit and did the 20 minute run. It felt good. I had fun. I'm going to leave it out where I can see it so it's not so easy to ignore.

I also ordered the Today's Special Value off QVC from Saturday - the Ab roller - it looks like a fun machine and one that I could use a lot. Part of setting a healthy foundation is to find an exercise I enjoy and don't dread - so I will WANT to do it.

I watched a lot of QVC this weekend for some reason but I enjoyed it. I ordered some Mally Cosmetics - anxious to try her products.

I scrapped and had a wonderful time.

I had a massage at 2 pm and it was heavenly. then I picked up a few groceries and came home. That's where the massage buzz was disturbed by the smell of fish when I opened the door.

You see, my husband likes to eat canned salmon. I think it is the horrid smelling food sold - cat food is less offensive. So I discover he had put the juice in a bowl for the kitties....great salmon potpourri...I don't think so. I picked up the bowl, which was slick and I dropped it. I had glass and nasty fish juice all over the kitchen. My husband is lucky to be living at this point. So I get the mess cleaned up and then we notice our old cat critter is not breathing correctly. So with her being 16 we took her to the vet.....$400 later, she doesn't have anything clear cut wrong with her, but they gave her a puff of albuteral and that helped her breathing. She will follow up with her regular vet tomorrow. OH....but just as we left the house to go to the vet, we were a block away and she craps in the carrier - it about choked both of us so we did a u turn and did a quick clean out of the carrier.

We were there for about 3 hours and she seems fine now....except for coming in and trying to pee on the floor - but we caught her and she is in the dog crate. She is one vindictive animal.

So I've been thinking about my 2011 Word - and I'm leaning toward foundation. I want to restore my physical, mental and spiritual foundations - so that I am standing on solid ground - ready for anything this year has to throw at me and to make me - the best Donna I can be.

Happy soon to be Monday!!!!

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Joesette said...

That cat is evil!

I like your word for 2011. I'm still trying to decide on mine!