Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday - May 21st of South Beach

Day 12 - I'm down 7 pounds! My clothes are fitting well again! It's always a good sign when clean jeans just go on and zip - no wiggling and sucking in the tummy to get them fastened!

I'm not having any problem with eating only Phase I foods - which is good. I thought it would actually be more difficult than it has been.

On Monday I am supposed to enter Phase II where you can add foods back in like fruit and some whole grains like bread and such - just nothing with white flour or potato's. However, I was put on a course of steroids for 12 days and one of those side affects is weight gain and a big appetite - Thank God that so far, those don't seem to be something happening to me - but I'm going to stay on Phase I until I'm done with the 'roids - just to be safe. It's been such a long time since I've seen success with any attempt to lose weight that I am very motivated right now!

As for the 'roids - I've been having chronic knee and hip pain which make it impossible for me to exercise regularly and the pain keeps me up at night. So I finally went to the dr. She told me my right knee was mushy - so I'm having an MRI on that next week. In an effort to treat any inflammation, she gave me roids and a muscle relaxer for 12 days - So far I see no improvement. The bloodwork for arthritis and lymes came back negative - so who knows what's going on in this aging body. The only side affect I seem to have from the meds is sleep - I missed several nights of good rest but I seem to be adjusting to that now as well.

My hubby had a car accident yesterday - so we are down a vehicle until we get his rental car. Don't know if they will total his truck or not. But nobody was hurt and I'm so thankful for that. Cars can be replaced.

Also, a good friend of mine, Jeanne, was diagnosed with breast cancer - it's early and I know she will beat this - she's an amazing woman with a fabulous family and a bunch of friends all over the world who will support her. So if you stumble across my blog - say a prayer for her and her family!

I'm getting ready to start my Saturday - have a fabulous day everyone!

Until next time...

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Jocelyn said...

Yay for the weight are doing Fabulous!!!

Hope they find out what is up with the stinks to get old!!! :-)

So sorry about the car glad everyone was OK..but it is such a hassle!!

Prayers to your sweet friend!!!

Love ya girlie and have a great week!!!