Tuesday, May 10, 2011

South Beach Diet....

Day 1. Went well. It wasn't overly difficult. Both of us survived, no dead bodies to report.

Both Mike and I are doing the diet - he didn't have much choice - LOL. But it will be good for us to both lose some weight.

The first few days of any new diet/fast is NOT fun. It's amazing how much I actually just pop random food in my mouth without even being hungry. That alone should shed a few pounds.

Day 2 - a little more challenging, but I stuck to my guns.

We both had scrambled egg beaters, canadian ham and a teeny sprinkle of low fat cheese for breakfast. For lunch I had a yummy tuna salad - which I whipped up this morning- very tasty. Snacks consisted of some low fat string cheese and low fat cottage cheese.

Admittedly, I was HUNGRY when I got home. But no grazing while cooking dinner.

For dinner we had roasted cauliflower, squash, and red peppers with a nice yummy grilled sirloin burger without the bun.

Tonight's snack - Sugar Free Fudgesicle - Yum.

I was doing okay - until I found my forgotten stash of Nutella - As I shut the cabinet door to cut off the line of sight, I think I shed a tear or perhaps it was some drool.....doesn't matter - I didn't cave.


Joesette said...

The dinner sounds VERY tasty! (and so does the Nutella)...but you were strong and I'm proud of you!

CK Photo said...

good luck. you can do it

Carrielyn said...

YAY YOU!!! SB is great because you see results fast, which always motivates me!

Lynette said...

I will send positive and will powerful thoughts your way.

Jocelyn said...

Good For you!!!! I am not doing so well on Weight Watchers....I keep slipping back into the bad side!!!!

I will keep sending you lots of support!!!! YOU GO can do it!!!!

Maybe I should do this with you!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day sweet friend!!! You mean so much to me!!!