Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brave Girls Camp #2

Melody, Kathy and their staff thought of every detail in preparing for our arrival. As I entered the house, I was overwhelmed with what I saw and what I was feeling. As I looked around at other guests it was evident that others were having similar experiences.

The room was decorated with swags/banners of tulle, lights and pictures of us, our family, our pets. The dining tables were beautifully set and there was a beverage station - which I call "My Coffee Station". I had mentioned how I liked my coffee and they made sure to have good coffee, splenda and half and half. It was perfect.

Dinner was served shortly after our arrival. A delicious salad with sweet pork. I think there should be a Brave Girls Cookbook! While we were eating, Marq and Brock carried our luggage to our rooms. Every was chatting and getting to know each other - still not quite sure what the entire week was going to hold.

When the dishes were cleared away, we gathered on the Red Carpet and Melody and Kathy went over what to expect for the week - and we had to wait until Wednesday to see the Art Room! So we each shared a little about ourselves and what we hoped to get out of camp. The sense of safety I felt was immediate and powerful. Being in a room with so many amazing women was incredible.

We all went to our rooms to get ready for bed - my first nights sleep was not the best - but I was soooo excited to get in the Art Room!

When one lives in the Washington DC area (or probably any major metropolitan area for that matter) - you become hard, short tempered, and generally not the nicest person. Getting way from this area was so refreshing. There really ARE nice people out there.

Enjoy the photos!


Lynette said...

Keep the posts coming. I am so interested in your week.

sandi said...

Loving your posts!!!!! Keep writing.

Jocelyn said...

Love this post!!!!! I need to hear more!!!!

Wish I could have been there with in need of a recharge!!!

Thanks for sharing sweet friend!!!