Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So long....Farewell....

To my 40's!

Hello 50's and all you have to offer!

I've made no secret that I turned 50 on July 22! I was so excited about this milestone in life!

My 40's were not my favorite time in my life. First - not everything was bad and there was lots of good and great things that happened. For example - I had a hysterectomy - BEST thing I ever did - why I waited so long is beyond me! I married my wonderful husband and best friend, Mike Johnson. I discovered Scrapbooking and a world of new friends and an amazing creative release (not to mention releasing some dollars!). I had my own online scrapbook store for a while and there is soooo much more!

Some things that weren't so good: I lost my mother during this time. It's sad to see someone's mind deteriorate and the person you knew and loved slowly slip away. I also had expectations of huge money being made on land deals and quitting my full time job and living the life of leisure - sort of an early retirement and well....with the down turn in the economy - that didn't happen. I was, and still am, doing a job I have no love for. I pouted. I was angry and resentful. I spent years lamenting the loss of what I never really had. I literally pissed away (sorry for the language) years of my life and not seeing all the beauty life does have to offer.

Sometimes life happens. Plans change. But one thing is certain - if you keep looking back you will never move forward.

No more regrets for me. Life is out there - with endless possibilities and I'm going out to grab everything I can.

So long 40's. Hello 50's and all you have to offer. This Brave Girl is on her way - it's time.


CK Photo said...

that is how I felt about my 30's. I couldn't wait to get to 40, enter a new decade and say goodbye to the yucky one.

Lynette said...

Looking forward is the best thing to learn about living. The future is yours for the making. Make it as good as you can with as few regrets as you can.