Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July....

It's the end of the 4th of July Weekend and it's been wonderful.

I'm relaxed. I got stuff done around the house. I created. I spent time with family. I don't even care that tomorrow is work! It's a 4 day work week and then off to Brave Girls Camp with my friend Sandi Tygar (aka - Tigger).

Found this amazing saying on I love going there and finding all kinds of cool stuff. I'm actually going to print this out and take it to work with me.

Here is a pic of a canvas I made for my friend at work - she doesn't do blogs or fb or anything -so she will be surprised!

AND I got PINK hair extensions in my hair! I have to say - I was nervous at first - mostly excited, but still nervous. Let me tell you - next time....I'm getting the color put in my hair. I love it! I love how it looks and it really is ME! Who knows...maybe I'll do this for a while and change the color for holidays?????

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aimee said...

donna, that sign is perfect. love it. i'm going to print it too, or scrapbook it somehow, for wall art. thanks for finding it and posting it.

love your hair. :)