Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Fall!

Fall is my most favorite time of the year EVER!  I actually prefer "fall cleaning " over spring cleaning because I want the all ready and clean for the holidays.

August and September are insanely busy at our office - working for a govt contractor who sells IT products makes us a good place to spend all your hard earned tax dollars on things like IPADS, computer upgrades, etc.  But as a fiscal conservative, that topic makes me extremely crabby - so lets skip that.

Been working on my photography skills - Here are a couple of pictures I've taken. 

I've known Rachel for at least 10 years now - and I love her like a sister.  We did their engagement and wedding photos too.  Little Baby Lester is due early October!

Can't wait to blog more - since I hate the new FB changes - I'll just move my internet time to blogs.

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