Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Been A While....

Since I blogged.

I like blogging.

I like reading blogs.

But I just didn't feel like I had much to write about - so I didn't blog.

 My life is really different than from a year ago.

My son is married to a beautiful girl, Chelsea.

We have a dog, Lily. A Chihuahua even - never thought we'd have a Chihuahua - but she is a great dog and a rescue - so that makes me happy.

I'm on a church plant team - this is definitely not something I thought I'd be doing a year ago, but I'm so excited and humbled to be a part of this team.

I'm actually being creative again.

I'm enjoying photography again.

I have been exercising and LIKING it.

Even more strange, I am NOT hating my job.

Odd. Perhaps I've been kidnapped by aliens and I need to find my pod?

So for now, I'll start with a picture of my son and his beautiful bride. They got married on June 30th and the wedding was fabulous.


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