Saturday, October 19, 2013

Fall is Here....

Me and Baby Jack at his Baptism.
It's been a long while since I blogged. I honestly miss my little blog, but we all know, life can take twists and turns and priorities change, things that once were part of your routine go away - sometimes for a while, sometimes forever.  Guess that's just part of life and our journey in general - part of growing as a person.

I feel like so much has happened this year and that there are so many new, wonderful, exciting things on our horizon.

Skyline Vineyard Church is officially launched. We meet weekly at Falls Church High School which is located at 7521 Jaguar Trail, in Falls Church.  Would love to have some of my peeps visit when they are in the area. Planting (starting) a church is a lot of work - sometimes you really just have to stop and remember why you signed up for the team and just push through.  It's so different from being a church member and attending - and I do get weary at times. But my pastors are great and they give us all breaks. But when I see all the new people coming to our church and I hear their stories - I remember why I do this.  I love seeing what God does to heal and restore people. I love being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Work is going well - I survived the federal busy season in the best mood ever. Typically, I'm angry, crabby and unpleasant - but this year - I determined to have a good attitude - and with a lot of intention and prayer - I didn't need any body bags!

Mike and I began an eating plan called the Fast Metabolism Diet. It's been life changing. It's not a diet - we have really changed our way of life. Both of us feel so much better and are losing weight. Basically, you give up sugar, dairy, processed foods, eat 5 small meals a day and eat whole, natural foods, which requires lots more cooking. Gone are frozen meals, quick packaged meals, and the 15 minute dinner - but we are happy and feeling good about our choice. If it can last on the shelf for months/years, or be in the fridge for 2 months and not go bad - we don't eat it.  Our food bill has actually gone down.  We eat what we buy and our waste of food has dropped dramatically. I used to believe that organic food was a marketing ploy - honestly - YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!  We also drink green smoothies - which include Kale. Unbelievable the changes we have made.

Oh...and I finally quit coloring my hair - well except for the pink - that isn't on the agenda for a while. But I've let my hair go gray - and are you ready? I LOVE it! It's so freeing.

Here are some pics of recent months.

Greeting Center


Skyline Cafe

Rick and Spy

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CK Photo said...

I'm glad you are keeping the pink, I love it.