Monday, November 11, 2013

Jeepers Creepers where'd you Get That Peepers????

Peepers, AKA, Joesette Morris Huffman, is a faithful sidekick and best friend.

Few people are as loyal, honest, committed, loving and hardworking as my Peepers.

I met Joesette when we worked together at Dewberry and Davis back in the mid 90's. That office was never the same once the dynamic duo of Peepers and Binky came to save (translated "rule) the office. Early on in our days, I was known as her designated cusser, since Joesette was a good girl and didn't talk like a sailor the way I used to. Thankfully, things change and I cleaned up my language.

We had fun then and we still have fun whenever our schedules allow us to get together. Sometimes at the office there were strange weather events - like it would rain rubber bands or suddenly, without warning, there would be a blizzard of hole punch dots.  Sometimes you would find yourself or your office covered in silly string.  There were nick names of co-workers such as Doodlebug, Grumpy, Punkin and Stubby. Oh, and one cannot forget fun times like busting a move in Macy's while shopping for a maid of honor dress.

Years go by and my son is grown and she has two young daughters. Joesette is an amazing woman, wife and mother. She's done a marathon in England and been a biker chick.  She loves fine china and tea and is comfortable wearing a leather jacket and shooting a gun - a woman with many facets for sure.

She homeschools her girls, serves God at her church, runs her household better than most corporations are run. She amazes me with her organization abilities and how much she can get done.

One of my favorite things about Joesette is her wit and humor.  She is fast and funny - and sometimes if you are on the receiving end of the wit and humor - you might not think it a gift - but it is. 

Even though we don't spend nearly enough time together, when we do get together - it's like we've never been apart. Some things NEVER change - and this is one thing I definitely I don't want to change.

Love you Peepers!

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Joesette said...

Awwwwww, I think I'm gonna cry. Ok, probably not cry, but I definitely have a big ole grin plastered across my face this morning!

Love you too Binky!