Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Great Mother's Day

Here we are, already Tuesday, well into another work week.

I had a great Mother's Day Weekend. While I may be a bit biased, I think I have the BEST son in the world! He left my card by the coffee pot for me, since I am almost always the first to arise. He took the time to write me a lovely note that made me cry. He went and got us breakfast at McDonald's and got me some fun lawn decorations. Chelsea, his sweet girlfriend, joined us for dinner and I got yet another card and lawn decoration. We made kabob's on the grill and they were yummy.

As always, on Mother's Day, emotional thoughts and memories of my own sweet Momma come flooding back. She's been gone 6 years now and I shall always miss her. While doing some redecorating, I emptied a cabinet and found her purse...just the way she left it the last time. Whenever I take it out it makes me smile and cry. I love touching the leather and even though I know exactly what I will find, I open it and go through her wallet. On the very front of her wallet is a picture of my son, her only grandchild. Oh how she loved him - he was the light of her life. Miss you much Momma!

Spring is just wonderful this year....and so far, the last 3 days have been cool enough to not run the AC and I LOVE my AC. My flowers are really filling out and looking gorgeous. I'm enjoying the yard so much this year. Here are a few pics....

AND I've taken another step toward changing careers. I am going to pursue an AA degree in Medical/Healthcare Administration - with my thinking being I have years and years of management experience that I don't want to waste. If my current employer thinks I'm good enough to oversee $100M in contract revenue, then maybe a group of doctors would trust me to run their practice. I have already talked to one online school and will talk to another one today. I hope to make a decision by the end of the week. Wish me luck!

Have a great week Everyone!


Jocelyn said...

Oh glad to hear that you had such a wonderful Mother's Day and what a great SON!!!!!

Love the flowers...the planter is just stunning!!

Yay for checking out the AA degree!!! I think you would do Fabulous!!!!

Wishing you a week filled with sunshine and smiles!!! I just adore you!!!! :-)

Lynette said...

I think that is a good choice for you. Be sure and check out what credit you can get for life experience. You may be able to test out of some classes.

淑君 said...