Sunday, September 30, 2012

So Long September.....

The end of another federal fiscal year.  By God's amazing grace, I actually did NOT become a totally miserable human being.  I'll consider this a huge success.

October has much greatness to look forward to:
  •   Beautiful Foliage
  •   Fall Weather
  •   Pumpkins
  •   The smell of yummy Yankee Candles
  •   My annual trip to the Jersey Shore
  •   My wedding anniversary
  •   Closer to the launch of Skyline Vineyard
This weekend, between working from home, I was able to get a little more decorating done outside and got my hair done.  I was tired of pink and now it's blue!  Why did I wait so long to have fun, crazy hair?  I love it!

Been eating healthy and losing weight - going to work in more exercise this month.

Overall I can honestly say....September did not suck.

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